7 reasons to target the Hispanic Market

by Gus Razzetti on October 28, 2010

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Today the Twitter sphere was full of Tweets and RT around Geoscape 7th Annual Multicultural Marketing Summit. Of course, we all as multicultural marketing professionals, feel proud and encouraged about the facts and data that were shared. Once again, proving that the multicultural opportunity is here to stay. But I couldn’t also help but wonder. […]

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For effective long term results look to the church

by Jimmy Hernandez on October 26, 2010

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First of all a couple of disclaimers (what political correctness is leading us to, or at least me!): 1. This is not an exercise in criticism of religions or their institutions, but an applause to a job well done and a demystifying look at some younger players that have “emulated” their way into pop culture […]

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Viva el español!! Ricky Martin tweeted at the beginning of the Univision upfront. As we could all watch it on a huge screen while silently envying his amazing Twitter followers base (more than a million…) That was the theme line across the whole event: successful Hispanic marketing should be done in Spanish. And then we […]

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Joke for thought!

by Gus Razzetti on May 26, 2010

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Almost all Hispanic ad agencies talk about cultural relevance, but we are still keeping the conversation on a very broad perspective. What if we start dividing what Latino culture is all about into smaller/ more actionable pieces? Let’s start with humor, for example. Can you really translate humor from one language to another? Or in […]

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