Feel like stuck? Move to the fast lane.

by Gus Razzetti on June 8, 2010

How’s the relationship with your client doing? What about your family? And your career?
Don’t seem to be making any progress? Don’t think you are at your full potential?
Feel like stuck in the middle of traffic?

May be you are not in the fast lane. At least not in the one that’s the best for you.
When everybody moves to the same lane, the left lane may not be the fastest anymore.
Find the right lane for you.

Sometimes you need to move to a slower lane to avoid what’s preventing you from moving at full speed.
Resigning an account, closing a not so profitable division, moving to a new position with same (or even lower) salary might seem like crazy decisions.
But giving up something now can save you a lot of time (away from heavy traffic).

Get rid of what’s slowing you down.
Find your fast lane.

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