Latino: The New Language of Rolling Stone

by Gus Razzetti on February 5, 2013

In the beginning it was the language. That’s how marketing to Latinos started. And agencies and the media put the Latino consumer in a “language cage.” It was as if Latinos lived in a silo, connecting only with Spanish language and Spanish media. Today’s Latino reality, with 70 percent self-defined as “bicultural,” is completely different. […]

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Limitless Mobile Latinos: A Segmentation Approach

by Gus Razzetti on December 9, 2012

Last Friday, I had the honor to be part of the Hispanic Mobile Panel at the #LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) 2012 conference in Houston with Giovanni Rodriguez. During the past years, we both have been writing on how Latinos will be (are) leading the mobile web. Now with almost a 60 percent penetration of […]

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Between Social Bragging and Utility Lies Pinterest

by Gus Razzetti on July 27, 2012

Social media has accelerated the introduction of new products and brands. Success (or failure) can happen at the speed of light. And Pinterest is a great example of this acceleration: it has now become the third most popular social media network behind Facebook and Twitter. Having surpassed LinkedIn and Google+ in traffic volume, Pinterest is […]

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Last week, I participated at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Miami (#SMSS 2012). I was invited to discuss the challenges of engaging bicultural Latinos via social media. The following is a quick recap of the key insights shared. The whole concept of my presentation was based on understanding the nature and mindset of bicultural […]

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